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David Pletzner is Titleist Performance Institute trained and accredited coach who brings a lifetime of experience in the game of golf into his approach to personal training.


David believes he can find the best swing for anyone, based on their age, physical make up and athletic abilities. He works with or has worked with several PGA Professionals, including, Ryan Druska, PGA Professional at Spring Lake Golf Club, who is pictured here.

"In an effort to enhance my golf game but dP Functional Fitness didn't just better my golf game it bettered my life. Dave's knowledge and attention to detail has exercise fun and purposeful. Dave and DP Fitness will help you reach your personal goals, allow you to think like an athlete, and prevent nagging injuries from occurring ad re-occurring. He truly cares about his clients and wants the best out of each and everyone that he works with."
-Ryan J. Druska, PGA
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