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Jess S.

My first experience with DP fitness came in the beginning of summer 2013. I went to the Shore Core Wounded Warriors sessions every Tuesday and Thursday evenings...

I had done group workouts before but nothing compared to the atmosphere of this. Now that the summer has ended I’m in the studio with Dave. Every week is something new, another day to work out and spend time with great people. At arguably the same price as a gym membership, you get challenging varied workouts, new friends, and a fun environment.

Jennifer B.

I would like to thank you for all of your hard work over the past three years. You have helped to achieve more than I ever imagined possible in my running...

With your strength training programs and guidance I have gained the strength, power and stability in my body that keeps me healthy through my marathon training.

You taught me the principles of strength training and how to train my core for strength in all that I do. Your training and expertise in the pool helped my swimming immensely. I now have the ability to cross train in a manner that is non-impact, which also helps me to remain injury‑free.

In addition, you have helped me to stay healthy by knowing when to push me and when to help me to take time off. This has allowed me to train virtually injury-free for five marathons so far. Your proficiency in and application of strength training principles has made this possible.

With your help and expertise I have gained confidence and strength in my running which has translated to so much more in my life. Thank you for your patience and hard work, which has helped me to transform from a runner to an athlete!

Colin Q.

I started working with Dave during my sophomore year of high school because I was looking to improve my golf game and my fitness... 

After working with Dave for 5 years I can fully attest to his amazing skill set of transforming my once rigid golf game into an athletic motion that takes full advantage of my natural physical body. My stability, flexibility, and  mobility have increased dramatically since I started working with Dave and this has lead me to experience immense success in golf. Additionally, Dave has taught me how my body responds to different motions which has helped immensely with injury prevention. I recommend dP to anyone looking to significantly improve their fitness and golf ability through many different types of training that help realize one’s true athletic potential.--

Jay S.

David has been training both of my sons for the past 2 years... 

Under his training and guidance , my 16 and 14 year old boys have become excellent athletes. David not only works on their strengths, he corrects their posture and their gait. I recommend David for all your training needs. He is a kind and caring soul!

Thanks again David

Sean K.

For the past two years, I have been a client of dP Fitness. Over the past seven years, I have worked with one-on-one trainers including the two most recent I've spent with Dave...


There are a few things I look for in a coach. 


1. They have to have my best interests in mind. This means they have to understand not only my current and ongoing condition but they have to understand my goals

2. They have to create workout routines that help me achieve my goals
3. They have to create routines which protect me from injury while working out as well as while practicing my sport

4. They have to be flexible enough to work within my schedule

5. They have to be fun and make the workout fun

6. They have to have integrity

7. The facility must be clean and outfitted to my purpose


Dave Pletzner has met or exceeded all of these expectations almost since we started together. I say almost because it took a few weeks for me to feel that the routines he devised were achieving the desired goals. He understands the mechanics behind how muscle groups work to perform specific tasks. His uncanny ability to correct improper form throughout my daily routine is remarkable. If I had a dollar for everytime he corrected my posture I would be training for free. 


From a clinical perspective, these are the most impressive aspects of his coaching style and what I value most as a client. What I can't put a dollar value on is the relationship he develops with his clients. He makes it his intention to understand not just my physical needs but he takes the time to recognize my entire physical presence. Sometimes I need more stress relief than others, other times I need more therapeutic work than strength training and we'll spend the session stretching or massaging. Whatever my condition, he has the innate talent to give me exactly what I need from the day's workout.


ll be a lifelong client of Dave's, he's a one stop shop. I can't speak highly enough about him. 


Thanks Dave!

Lauren H.

My daughters have been training with Mr. Dave!

He is kind, funny, and packs a great workout! They love him! Highly recommend! Great trainer and super professional!

Kathy K.

My husband and I have been working out with Dave for close to 13 years, 8 years ago our son joined in on the fun.

He is extremely flexible and customizes each of our work outs. Thanks Mr. Dave for doing such a great job!

Bob C.

I have been working with David for 2 months and I have seen excellent results in that time. 

I have not felt this strong or healthy in years!  The results that I have achieved to date are largely due to David’s combination of diverse training methods, individual exercise programs, and constant focus on proper form.

Susan S.

You get results when you work out with David, and that is why he’s a great trainer...

He keeps you on task, workouts are fresh and fun, and he regularly reevaluates all aspects of your fitness. While I may enjoy weight training, he reminds me that we also must work on my unique stability and cardio issues. The biggest impact on my fitness and health has come from David’s firm attention to cardio conditioning – something many trainers neglect. Last year he got me ready for the La Jolla Half Marathon, a.k.a. the “Hilliest Half in the Country”. Not long before then, it seemed like an impossibility. But then – after a lot of hard work – I did it! I know I wouldn’t have gotten there without his training, advice, and encouragement. Thanks, David.

Kim W.

I’ve been training with David for about three months. As someone who is afraid of gyms and personal trainers I never thought I would be working with one!

But David is the most caring, funny, and knowledgeable person you will ever meet. He works hard to tailor each workout to you and takes into account how you are feeling each day and will make changes based upon you. Even though I have been through physical therapy for knee problems and neck pain, I have learned more about my body and the way it works in the three months I have been working with David. If you are serious about wanting to improve your fitness, or rehab an illness or injury, you could not find a better person to help you achieve your goals.

Rachel G.

When I started working with Dave I was initially prepping for my upcoming wedding, but what I got in the end was so much more...

Not only did I lose nearly 30 pounds and learn to live a healthier lifestyle, but I was also able to maintain and further improve my health and new physique well beyond my wedding day with the support of Dave and the friends I made while working with him. From private training sessions to group workouts, I continue to look forward to perfecting my fitness routine with Dave’s priceless personal training.

Lynn O.

I have been an athlete for most of my life. I have had multiple knee surgeries and had successfully rehabbed each one with little difficulty...

That is until my last knee injury which had taken me out of commission for over two years. Physical therapy helped tremendously but it wasn’t until I started working with David that I actually felt like I could get back to being an athlete. I may never play soccer again but there are plenty of other things I can do and with David’s help and expertise I can finally hold that hope.

Alyssa S.

I attended Dave’s beach workouts this summer with my mom and my sister. Dave made the workouts fun, but still challenging...

He always had a variety of different workouts for us to do. Plus the money we gave for the workouts was donated to the Wounded Warriors Project, so I had fun, got exercise, and still donated to a great cause.

Megan D.

David Pletzner helped me with a knee injury I never thought I’d get through. My injury was after a half marathon and I was convinced I would never run again...

However, Dave helped me regain strength and muscle around my injured knee along with tips on the appropriate amounts of running I should be engaging in again. I can honestly say I am in better shape than I was during my half marathon and my knee feels the best it’s felt my whole life. Dave makes sure that each workout is fun, full of variety and considers all your health and well-being concerns. Dave’s continuous support and guidance has helped me exceed my fitness goals and I can now engage in all types of athletic activities without worry of not being able to complete them do to knee pain. Thanks DP!

Andrea K.

I began working out with Dave over the summer for a great cause! Dave offered up his time 3 days a week for an hour for only $5, which was all donated to the Wounded Warrior Project...

Who could turn that down?! While working out, I was able to alleviate some stress from this crazy thing we call life, meet some great new people and spend some time catching up with my BFF. Dave helped me get leaner, while toning my body. I am extremely pleased with the results I have seen! Although summer is over I continue to see Dave for our small group training sessions to keep the results going!

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